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My name is Stephen, but you can call me Sper (pronounced spear). I’m 25 years old and have called Chicago home for the last 3 years. Before that, I went to undergrad at Taylor University in central Indiana and grew up outside Grand Rapids, MI. I’m a nerd by training and career, with a degree in Computer Science and a few years doing consulting and custom web application development (that’s making websites to all you non-techie folks).

I started riding motorcycles when I moved to Chicago and have found a new passion in my life. I started taking more long weekend tours on bikes and found a lot of pleasure in doing so, with the only problem being that I didn’t have enough time to see and do everything I wanted. What was the best way to remedy that? I found my answer — quit the great job I have and leave for 6+ months!

So that’s what I did. My last day at work was 7/15/10. The next few weeks were spent relaxing, prepping my KLR650 (his name is Oscar — the grouch), seeing friends, taking a couple of extended camping test rides on the bike to situate all of my gear, and procrastinating on leaving to start my trip.

The plan for the trip is to head to the Northwest US for a couple of weeks to see the sights, then to Colorado for an HU meeting, then down to Mexico and Central America the first or second week of September. If I’m still loving the trip in Guatemala, I’ll start considering going to South America, but I don’t want to commit to that just yet.

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  1. Ryan Maerker says:

    hit me and will up if your gonna stop by dallas man. safe travels

  2. Sper, thanks for the comments on my ride report at advrider.com. If you like anything in particular I’ve done with my blog, just ask. I’ll be happy to share. Thanks again, and ride safely!

    All the best,


  3. Steve says:

    Hope all is well since we chatted last. Your blog is great…love the pic’s and interesting stories!

    Ttys, bud. Godspeed.

  4. Joe Koehneke says:

    Whats up man? Looks like your trip is goin well.. Great blog and meeting a guy like Coco has to be story for the ages. Tacos 24/7 isnt too bad either. Keep me updated for the February or Jan. trip out.

  5. Karla Núñez says:

    hi! i’m Karla, from Durango, Méx.
    I tried to find your facebook today but i can’t succed, maybe you can:
    name: karla núñez nevárez
    have a nice trip 😉

  6. JJ says:

    OMG! I am so glad to read that you are going all the way to Tierra del Fuego now. Do you remember me telling you about the cruise line we sell in the USA? Let me know if you need the 3 or 4 day cruise to get you to Cape Horn. I look forward to the feed back you will have on the (2) national Park: Torres Del Paine and Los Glaciares on route to the end of the road. My best to you. XOXO from MN.

  7. DAN WILSON (Danimal) says:

    Hey Spear……How ya doin man ?

    We met at the HU meeting. I was on the DL 650.

  8. Hola
    Afrontas tus miedas,vives tus suenos….
    This is a Latin proverb in spanish that I actually put on a ring I designed as I believe it is a great motto
    Welldone for doing just that!!!

    • Sper says:

      Hola Carolyn! Thanks for the proverb… I love it! Another friend sent me the one “Mas caminos, mas amigos”, which is very appropriate for motorcycle travelers 🙂

  9. ITZEL says:

    hello, your site is really cool!!! We met at your hostel in Oaxaca by Jeanmarc (the Italian guy, remember?) You were waiting for some parts of your motorcycle … now I understand … I went to San Cristobal too, so great!!
    I hope you are well, have a nice trip …
    : ) Smile to life!

  10. David Herrera says:


    What’s up man! Dude, I came across this website on facebook. What have you been up to? Are you still on this trip? Need to catch-up. I hope you’re well. Shoot me a message and we can chat.



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