The Mayan ruins of Palenque and Turquoise water of Agua Azul

Eric and Sabrina booked a cabana in El Panchan, a small town just outside the entrance to the ruins of Palenque. After another miserable night time bus ride (I’m really missing my moto at this point), I join them in the cabana which is tucked into the middle of the rain forest. We head to the ruins the next day, hoping to get an early start to avoid the heat and humidity of the rain forest.

Walking into the park, I got the chills… even though it was 80 degrees out. The ruins are incredible – white rock structures jutting up into the sky, propped up against the backdrop of the rainforest. The 3 of us explore all over the park, walking up and down the stairs to most all of the major ruins, inside tunnels, down the mountains to see less excavated ruins, and even find a path into the dense forest to do some exploring of our own. I felt like a real explorer in the thick of the jungle, until my cell phone rang Smile

I’ll let the pictures Eric and I took do the talking. If you are traveling through Mexico, you must visit Palenque. It’s been one of my favorite things from the trip so far.

Eric_Pelenque (46 of 51)

Ruinas de Palenque

Ruinas de Palenque
Eric inside one of the tunnels in the ruins.

Ruinas de Palenque

At Palenque

Looking out on the jungle from the Ruinas de Palenque

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Howler Monkeys woke us up at 6 in the morning in Palenque
The next morning, I was woken up at 6:30am by a terrifying noise. It sounded like jaguars or another giant cat were in a fight and ready to rip your face off. I rolled out of bed and stumbled outside to see 4 howler monkeys climbing through the trees.

The next day, to help escape the heat, we booked a tour to see Misol Ha and Agua Azul, two water attractions between Palenque and San Cristobal. The giant waterfall at Misol Ha was featured in the movie Predator, so Eric and I were pretty excited to check it out and see if we could take any predator-esque photos ourselves.

Misol ha


Eric trying his best predator impression Smile

After 30 minutes at Misol Ha, we continued onto Agua Azul, an absolutely beautiful river winding through the rain forest, with huge white waterfalls tumbling into crystal clear, turquoise water. We spent 4 hours here, swimming in the water, eating empanadas from tiendas, and relaxing in the sunlight. However, be careful as the current is very strong and surprised me a couple of times… and I’m a strong swimmer.

Swimming at Agua Azul

Diving into the turquoise water



I am still waiting for a package in San Cristobal, so I decide to hop another late-night bus back there to wait in my cheap hostel. Eric and Sabrina are continuing on to Guatemala tomorrow, so we’re finally parting ways. However, I’m sure we’ll meet up again on the road. We seem to travel about the same speed and I really enjoying traveling and spending time with them.

After I receive my package in San Cristobal, I’m going to go back to DF to finish fixing my moto, then return to Guadalajara for some more time. I’ve got some small projects I want to work on, and I miss Wendy and the other friends that I’ve made there. I’ll get south, eventually, but I don’t see any reason to be in a hurry to get there.

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