Staying in Guadalajara for the next month

I’m in Guadalajara now and may stay here for a month to study Spanish and relax. It’s nice being in a modern big city, and reminds me a lot of being in a major city in the States – the people, the energy, and the driving.

I’ve realized how much more I will enjoy my trip by knowing Spanish, and I don’t want to wait until I get to Guatemala to study.

Yes this will probably make for a boring blog for the next month, but I’ll be making trips to the surrounding area to visit the sites. Current ideas include volcanoes near Colima, banana bread in San Blas and beaches in Manzanillo. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Meg says:

    BANANA BREAD?!? You better get me some!

  2. We’re thinking about heading to Zihuatanejo, to the south of you after we leave the Bosque. Supposed to be a cool chill place but still big enough to support an airport. It’s also the place that Andy Dufrane escaped to in The Shawshank Redemption. Sounded like a good place to get to.

  3. Hugo B. says:

    Hey, just got your mail thru horizon’s, replied but just thought I drop a note here with a few pointers of good places to ride to or drop by.

    Downtown; Ride to Mercado Libertad, 3 stories of the most eclectic place in Latinamerica, handmade leathers, boots, and anything else you can think of. Eat at Kiyoshi’s on the 2nd level, oriental and mex dishes of his own invention. He’s a friend who rides with us on a BMW. Tell him Hugo sent you.
    Park up at the lot right in the market for best security. (ride westbound on Alvaro Obregon St. then left on Analco. The lot is right across that light and up the ramp)
    Nightime, cruise over to Chapultepec Ave. for outdoor cafes and live music hangouts and eye-pleasing senorita catwalks. Make sure you ride up on Vallarta Ave. before dark so you get blown away by all these huge mansions the French built in the 1700’s.

    Ride out to San Cristobal, fantastic canyon, a 2 hour ride. For the same canyon and a shorter 30min ride from downtown, and with a view rivalling the one in Arizona, ride North on Calzada Independencia, at the end there’s a city park.

    There’s tons other places, if you go to Colima consider going thru Mazamitla, awesome uphill road. after bordering Chapala lake.


    • Sper says:

      Thanks for the info, Hugo! I’m heading up to Tequila today to check it out, and will be doing some more day rides throughout the week. Definitely looking forward to meeting up with your crew next week!

      • Hugo B. says:

        Hi again, so we’re back from that big party at PV, and prep’ for a 2nd one here in GDL, let me know if you want to be there. (my nephew’s magazine puts it on).

        So, there are plans for a ride to Teul next Sunday, it’s a very twisty road next to the city heading NW. Lots of fun, but I’m trying to convince them for a different route. Maybe Ixtlan (after tequila, in another canyon), or Mascota, way up the sierra.
        anyhoo, email to my gmail, so I don’t miss your replies.

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