My current trip plans for Mexico

I’m going to be hitting the Mexico/California border a week from today, on Tuesday the 28th. I’m staying with family and friends in LA and San Diego until then, making final preparations to my bike and gear, seeing some movie screenings and concerts, and riding some of my favorite roads in the country. I’m also hoping to catch up on my writing for the past month, and get some things into place to improve my blog and motivate me to write more often!

While doing some Mexico research today, I found an article that addresses the biggest questions I get from everyone who hears about my trip: isn’t Mexico dangerous? Well, look at that — an unbiased article from the Economist titled Mexico: safer than Canada was published only a few weeks ago. The article explains that if you stay away from the 4 most violent Northern states, the country is “downright safe”. While I am concerned about my safety during my trip, the violence that is all over the news reports is almost always related to drug cartels and the police, which I’m not a part of and therefore very low on my threat scale. I’ll be dodging slow, beat up trucks, crazy bus drivers, roads with every form of debris and potholes on them, stray dogs and farm animals meandering across the roads every day of my trip. I won’t be riding at night because of all of these reasons, but I will be riding day after day for the next few months, and I can’t wait to get started.

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2 Responses to My current trip plans for Mexico

  1. Ben says:

    Hey buddy,
    Hope you’re having fun! I’m in San Francisco now and probably crossing into Mexico around the same time as you. Keep in touch, perhaps we can catch up for a few days. Cheers.

  2. guillermo says:

    hows it going are u still in zacatecas havent heard from where are you heading to next

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