The most beautiful place in the US – Glacier National Park

Saturday, August 16th – 17th

I stealth camp just inside Glacier NP on the 17th so I can get an early start through the park. I’m hoping to spend the day in the park and make it to Bozeman by the evening, a long day of sightseeing and riding.

It’s foggy this early in the morning, and cold. I suit up and take my time through the park waiting for the fog to burn off

It starts to clear up as I wait in construction traffic for 30 minutes

I can’t believe how beautiful it is here once the day clears up. I could spend days riding and hiking around Glacier

More Glacier beauty

Wildlife is everywhere. I saw deer all throughout the park, and at one abandoned hiking trailhead, a deer thought it was worth the danger of being close to me so he could eat some horse poo.

The deer is about 10 feet away from me while I try to cook lunch

Looks tasty

Since I’ve been stealth camping and riding a lot of miles the last few days, I haven’t had time to stay in touch with my family or friends, so I head out of Glacier in search of cell service. I pick up some about 30 minutes outside the park, and find a small road to go down to find a place to sit down and catch up with everyone. As I’m calling my brother, I see a movement in the woods… a deer? No… it’s like a giant cat… OHMY it’s a mountain lion. I hang up the phone and slowly pull my camera out of my tankbag and snap this picture.

Can you see the mountain lion? Neither can I… 🙁

Well, I can’t see the lion any more, and I start to get a bit nervous. With the glimpse I did have of the cat, it looked like it was stalking me, so I hop on the bike quickly and ride a few miles back down the road. I wanted to get a better picture, but didn’t want to end up getting attacked by a cat or 2.

I want to make it to Bozeman, MT tonight so I can stay with my friend from college, Dan. I’ve already stayed with Dan once this trip, and I want to be around some friends on my birthday. I ride a couple hours in the dark, which I always try to avoid doing. The experience is not fun, as the headlight on Oscar is very weak. I follow a car down the country roads the entire time. I take the opportunity to order a few new electronic connections to improve Oscar’s headlight, since I have access to a shipping address next week. While I don’t plan on riding at night at all as I make my way towards Panama, I need decent lighting for emergency night time riding or going through tunnels/caves.

The next few days in Bozeman are great. I relax, get all of my travel chores done, go out to some events on the town with Dan and his friends.

Out for the final Music on Main in Bozeman. They close the street and life the open container law for the night. It feels just like a Chicago festival

I don’t know how often you’ll see this outfit in Chicago though

The guys I'm staying with in Bozeman

The cops know how to close the street down at the end of the fest

We spend a lot of time using a new toy Dan got called a Slackline. It’s a 3” wide strip of elastic that you tie between 2 points and jump on like a trampoline.

Dan’s friend getting up and spinning on the Slackline

Dan’s room mate has a dog, Bella, that lives to play with a ball. I’ve never seen a dog as happy as she was while we played with her for hours at the park

I leave Dan’s early on the 21st and make my way towards Yellowstone. While I was trying to avoid going on the weekend, I’ll just have to deal with the traffic and crowds.

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