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I’m going to be changing the blog from to It’s just easier to tell people. It’s already too complicated to explain that I spell my first name with a ‘ph’, let alone that there’s no ‘a’ in my last name. After only a couple of days on the road, I think I’m going to be giving the site out often and would love it if people actually remembered to visit. Too bad I can’t have just, unless someone wants to donate it to the cause 🙂

About Sper

LA born. Michigan raised. Current Chicagoan. Technology nerd. Motorcycleπ enthusiast. I quit my job, sold all of my stuff, and am riding my dream through the US, Canada, Latin and South America.
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  1. Ryan Maerker says:

    Agreed, it took me like like 30 mins to keep guessing how you spelled your name to find the site.

  2. Auntie M says:

    Wise move. Been looking at the events calendar for Sturgis – the entertainment looks crazy – STP, Dylan, ZZ Top, Cage the Elephant, Motley Crue, Kentucky Headhunters, GNR, and Pee Wee Herman?!? I highly recommend the skydive on the 14th. Well, there are probably nicer places to skydive, but you gotta do it. xoxo

    • Sper says:

      I’m definitely going to swing by Sturgis after seeing Mount Rushmore and riding the Black Hills. I need to see what all the hub bub is about!

  3. Kurt Klinke says:

    Hey cap’n, saw Scott and Stacey this past weekend at a family reunion, and they told me about your trip. If you ever make it down to Dallas, Tx and need a place to stay, you’re more than welcome to stay at my place, I have an extra room. Just let me know. Good luck and have fun.

    • Sper says:

      For sure man! You’re the 3rd person that’s invited me to come stay in Dallas, so I may have to make a pit stop there for a few days. I’ll let you know!

  4. kim Rutledge says:

    Hey Stephen hope all is ok with you !!! No reports for a few days makes us worry about you!! Did you get bike up and running >?

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