Riding and rough camping from Jackson, WY to Flaming Gorge

Lorin is Dan’s sister and agreed to let me stay with her and her boyfriend, Ryan, for the night. They both have to work, so I spend some time catching up on writing, emails, and other things. We spend the night playing with their cat, Chloe, and watching a movie.

The view from Lorin’s house in Jackson

The next day, Jason (Lorin’s boyfriend) and I chat about rides that I can take on the way to Flaming Gorge where I plan on camping out for the night. I take down a few sets of directions and shoot the shit with Jason for a while. He heads off to work.

Lorin and I start to talk and work on a 1000 piece puzzle, something which I used to love to do as a kid but haven’t done in years. We end up doing it for almost an hour, both of us saying how we need to go but neither of us leaving until we get a corner piece completed.

Lorin with her best “Vanna pose”

Both of us engrossed with the puzzle

I’m headed to Flaming Gorge, UT today, on recommendation from Lorin’s boyfriend, Jason. He gave me a few route options to get there, so I pack up and head South (not for the last time this trip).

Wyoming is absolutely beautiful along the Snake River. I dream of owning a ranch out here and having my own adventure business. Hey… maybe in a few years.

Miles and miles of this

I see a 10 mile curvy looking road further ahead on my GPS named Water Canyon, and decide to check it out. It starts off as a normal dirt road through the mountains, so I continue on loving the scenery, trying to see if I can have my first glimpse of a bear. It’s definitely bear country, as I see fresh paw prints in the trail. After a mile or 2, the road starts to turn a little worse, with ruts, washouts, and rocks. After another mile, it turns into a legitimate 2-track.

The trail and scenery. This was some fun riding for a while

Another couple of miles away, the trail turns into a single track covered in jagged rocks, following a small creek through a valley. I get to a point where I can’t continue on. There’s a 3 foot drop off a rock onto more jagged rocks, with about 3 feet worth of trail before it drops down to the creek. I take some time to walk up the trail to see if it got any worse, and decide that I’m going to ride through. The thought of turning around and going back 10 miles on this trail, just to get to the same place that’s 200 yards from me right now makes me really look for a way to solve this problem. I start digging some of the rocks up, throwing dirt into crevasses, , bushwacking the side of the trail to give myself some breathing room, and removing all of my luggage to give myself a little extra space and ease of handling a lighter bike.

The single track with rocks… it gets worse after this

On the sheep path. That’s the main road just ahead of me, but I’m stuck on a seemingly unpassable section just ahead of here

I took a good amount of video footage today when I went off road, so I will try to edit that and get it uploaded soon.

I do eventually make it to the road, after getting past the 2 sheep dog who were growling and hiding in the bushes and a few hundred skittish sheep. I was exhausted, sore, and had a headache from the altitude, so I stopped at the next place I saw to lay down and relax for a bit.

I was happy to be back on the road, after conquering Water Canyon

Lots of fun roads to ride around Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho

Stateline Cove is a dispersed campground in the Flaming Gorge. Dispersed campgrounds are basically areas where anyone can camp for a small fee, but very few if any facilities are provided. It’s very cheap at $5-$10 a night, typically private as you can choose your own camping spot, and the locations are often times the most beautiful.

My camp for the night

Yeah… it’s dead on a Monday night

The moon is full and out just before sunset

I chat on the phone with my sister and try to get a fire going, even though there’s no need for the extra light tonight

It gets very cold at night, as I’m in the high desert. I sleep comfortably and am up at sunrise, which comes right over the mountains across the lake.

It’s bright in the morning…


so I’m up making coffee and freezing my ass off

Next stop: Moab, UT

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