Being a tourist at Yellowstone

Saturday, August 21st, Bozeman MT to Yellowstone NP

After spending a few relaxing days in Bozeman, MT, I make it to Yellowstone National Park. I ride through the park and find a place to setup camp early in the day, so I can go explore the park with a lighter load.

I took a hike from my campsite and walked around this lake for a while. The sky was gorgeous

Camp setup for the night. The neighbors were all nice and offered me beer at night and chai tea in the morning. Bob – post that Chai recipe here!

At the lower falls in Yellowstone

And you have to see Old Faithful if you're at Yellowstone

More bison. At least these ones aren’t bothered by me in the slightest

My first elk sighting! A big bull male with a gigantic rack. He was about 200 feet from my campsite and 20 feet from me

After not having any bear issues at the camp (dang it – I’m still hoping to see my first bear), I leave in the morning to hike at the Grand Tetons and spend the night in Jackson, WY.

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  1. Bob Erley says:

    Hello Stephen,

    Bev and I had another couple of great days touring Yellowstone and flew home a couple of days early due to predicted bad weather. Spent Tuesday night in Missoula after a very beautiful flight from West Yellowstone and then a great flight back to Seattle on Wednesday morning with several stops on the way including a visit with old friends in Plains, MT. As forcast the weather took a dump on Thursday.

    A zillion years ago while touring on my BMW, I saw a woman lasso a very nice trout in the lake at the campground in Flaming Geyser. I am certain you will remember many many days of “your adventure” for the rest of your life.

    Chai for Two

    Bring 2 cups of water to just under a boil
    4 Tea Bags, Bev and I use the cheapest we can find, but some may prefer more expensive Teas. One of the things I like about Chai is the “tune-ability”
    10 “grinds” of Black Pepper, again pick the Pepper you prefer
    4 whole Cardamom Pods, I smoush all of the “chunky” spices in the palm of my hand to bring out the flavors
    4-6 whole Cloves
    6-10 Cinnamon chips
    1-2 “shakes” of Nutmeg
    A few pieces of torn up Orange Peel, we keep a baggie full in the freezer

    Steep on low heat (1-2) in a covered pot for 5 minutes
    Add 2 cups of milk
    Steep on medium low heat (3-4), covered for an additional 5 minutes
    Add one big squeeze of Honey to your cups then strain in the Chai
    WARNING This beverage and the rituals involved may be habit forming

    Have a great trip,

    Bob and Bev

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